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Dow Computers, Inc. (DCI) is an independent IT Hardware and Professional Services Company. DCI has provided its many Russell 2000 sized customers with a vast array of IT products and services. Whether supplying certified refurbished enterprise IT equipment, purchasing surplus computer hardware, or providing a plethora of IT services on virtually any platform, DCI will always deliver competitive prices and exemplary customer service. Bringing our 30 years of industry experience to our customers can help maximize end users' efficient use of time and resources.

Experience, knowledge and service, coupled with competitive pricing, give Dow Computers the tools necessary to build long term relationships with the world's best companies.

Dow Computers offers the following IT Products and Services:

  • Buy/Sell/Lease/Rent/Maintain/Move all types of computer hardware and parts/cabling
  • Single point of contact for every customer ensures seamless and responsive service
  • Expertise in IBM, HP, Dell, Cisco, Hitachi, STK, EMC, Oracle, and most other manufacturers
  • Enterprise platforms include data center, networking/voice, POS, PC desktop, and DR
  • Statement of Work projects include data center and other building moves/closures
  • Consulting services for IT infrastructure, DR planning/testing, and systems programming
  • Programs for ongoing purchases, maintenance, hot sparing, and other creative solutions
  • Provides GREEN End of Life asset management services on all enterprise IT equipment
  • Using surplus IT hardware to pay for needed services resulting in cost-neutral projects
  • Inventory services, including serialized audits with certified tape & HD wiping on/off site
  • Specializing in both incoming and outgoing legacy hardware and services
  • Buy/sell tape media, hard drives, racks, cabling, parts and peripherals
  • Our Principal and techs have over 30 years experience with enterprise-sized companies
  • Strong established business relationships with many of the "Fortune 500" companies
  • Conducts business nationally and internationally
  • DCI's independence from manufacturers allows us to weigh hardware options objectively and to price our services at around half of what they charge
  • IBM
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Dell Computers
  • Cisco
  • Hitachi
  • EMC
  • Oracle
  • Apple

Questions you should be asking of your IT vendors:

  • Aren't you tired of companies not responding to your needs on a timely basis?
  • Tired of manufacturers making you live with their constraints?
  • Is that trade-In number or purchase price the manufacturer or business partner giving you fair?
  • Tired of 3rd parties not following through professionally?
  • Don't you wish that your vendor had expertise in IT hardware, consulting, and all IT services at a reasonable price?
  • Why won't my vendor pay for my surplus IT hardware and remove it?

If you're ready to start dealing with a responsive, competitive company with integrity, then Dow Computers stands ready to serve you.

Dow Computers offers an array of computer hardware services to your large and medium sized business. Our Quickship Program guarantees in writing replacement hardware within 1-5 working days to a site of your choice for $360/month plus a $1500 set up fee. Disaster Recovery-Professionals is a Division of Dow Computers, which specializes in a variety of DR Services including our ‘Quick Ship’ Program.

This Quickship Program has proven reliable for over 20 years and is Auditor approved. Quickship is ideal for the large customer as a supplementary service, or to the small and medium sized customers as their primary means of disaster recovery.

Dow Computers covers all major Manufacturer's equipment from the largest mainframe to the smallest workstation.

For more information, please contact us to answer your questions and customize a disaster recovery plan that's right for your company.

Introducing DCI's Secure IT Hardware Disposition (SITAD) Lockable Bin System to securely remove/process your surplus IT gear. Please contact DCI to discuss.

Pallet-sized Lockable SITAD Bins (ideal for securely packing all IT Hardware)

Half-pallet sized Lockable Mini Bins on wheels (ideal for gathering IT Hardware from multiple places)

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